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We partner with tech companies ranging from Series-A startups to public companies. Our services include:




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‘Kimaru’ is a Japanese verb that means “to decide (a victory)”.  We’re here to support our Clients and Candidates in making the best decision for their businesses and careers, alike.

Our partnerships are centered around integrity. We’re in the people business; so, whether it be with our Clients or Candidates, we find it critical to build strong relationships with integrity and honesty at its core. 


KIMARU Talent offers specialized and agile recruitment services to VC-backed game studios and tech startups. 

We truly believe that business growth & success begins with recruitment and hold pride in what we do. With our expertise in startup recruitment, we often partner with Founders and Executives before they even have an internal recruitment team and grow our partnership as they grow.

About the Founder:

The Founder of KIMARU Talent, Rumiko Matsumoto, has been recruiting for startups in the mobile app, gaming, and ad-tech industries for nearly a decade. Partnering with reputable VCs, investors, and serial entrepreneurs, she has served as a trusted recruitment partner for hundreds of startups throughout the years.

Most recently, she led Talent Acquisition at Sensor Tower, a global SaaS startup that provides competitive mobile app industry insights.  She and her team scaled headcount by 5x as she hired the global leadership team and built the recruitment team and function from the ground up. 


What Our Clients Say

"KIMARU Talent understands the gaming industry and has recommended countless high-caliber talent as we recruit for leadership positions."
Founder & CEO
Series-A, 45-person Startup
"KIMARU Talent's experience in the mobile-industry and with startup recruitment stands out amongst other agencies. Their approach to recruitment is thoughtful and we trust them in delivering on some of our mission-critical searches."
PE-backed, 250-person SaaS Startup

As Recruiters, we are also our Clients’

Story Tellers​

Dream Sellers​

Culture Advocates​

Trusted Confidants

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